A day at the New Zealand National Library in Wellington

Upon the recommendation of Sue (@staffdevjnkie), 2016 #FulbrightTeach to NZ, I set out to explore the National Library of New Zealand in Wellington. It was the perfect place to go where I could work on finalizing my Ethics proposal while still seeing some sights and exploring when I was done – so off I went, devices and notes in hand.

What a cool place – it was like 1 part library, 1 part makerspace, 1 part museum and 1 part awesome cafe.

Interesting display about the naming of locations in New Zealand
You can play games off of the internet archive. Oregon Trail anyone? Don’t click on the link below if you don’t have free time – trust me on that!


So, a library, with video games – can it get better? Why yes, yes it can. . . Behold – the 3D printer station:


You can bring your .stl, .obj or other 3D files here, and print them – when I go into 3D printer withdrawal, I know where I am headed!

But wait . . . There’s more . . .

As if more proof was needed that this is a place for Merry, they have a fantastic coffee shop and cafe – called Home.


So yeah – all of that and several museum type exhibits that I could explore? A heavenly way to spend a Friday.

And from my favorite exhibit, of New Zealand Cartography (map-making) we have the explanation of why it is indeed “Windy Welly”:

And I know, better late than never Merry – I apologize in advance for the spamming you are all about to receive as I update my blog. I obviously need to find a workflow for updating – maybe I will get there before I head home.


Author: Merry

I am a teacher, techie, avid traveler and explorer.

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