Working and More Underwater Adventures

Tuesday was a relatively less adventurous day  – the weather was gorgeous, but alas, I did have to work. I had a great online class class with my Reinhardt students on Assistive Technology and using Excel for data collection, and spent some time reviewing, grading and commenting on their work. Then I responded to some emails regarding school visits and set up a few meetings with folks in New Zealand.

I did take advantage of the gorgeous weather and worked from the balcony for much of the day – it is a fantastic view:

It was amazing how quickly the day went by, and soon Joanna was home and it was dinner time. Julian prepared our dinner – a very nice fish, veggie and soba noodle dish, which we enjoyed on the balcony, then I made my first trip to the big grocery store, (a nice little intro for me, as this will be the one by my apartment), joining Joanna for her shopping. It was very much like an american supermarket, but their was a much larger fresh seafood and produce department, and quite a few of the names were different. I will have some fun later sharing the “american” section with you all – and I have decided that I will make my goal each time I go shopping to get a “new” thing to try.

We got back to the house and I was able to enjoy the NZ famous “Hokey Pokey” ice cream – a vanilla and honey comb toffee ice cream that is most excellent.   Julian also had a lovely cocktail and coffee ready for us on the balcony – all in all a pretty great evening.


I awoke to a gorgeous and unexpectedly free day on Wednesday morning, as our Fulbright group’s school visit for the day had to be cancelled.

Since it was so pretty, I decided to take full advantage of the day, and I got a ride with Joanna to Island Bay, on her way to work complete with snorkel gear, including flippers this time and my underwater camera, as well as lunch and my surface (in case I decided to work) and set out – I might have looked like I was going on a trip with my bag so loaded up!

When I got to the bay I headed to the snorkel trail again – but there was no one else there, and knowing it was irresponsible to  snorkel alone (and knowing that I would be in trouble with some of you if I did – you all know who you are), I sat on the bench and just enjoyed the calm bay and birds around me while I enjoyed an apple, and even spotted a pod of dolphins out in the water.

After a very peaceful hour, a diving crew showed up, and so I chatted with them a bit, and went in, again with the promise to wait on the beach once I was out since they had full wet suits and tanks, and would last longer in the water than I would.

Again the water was chilly, but the clarity was amazing, and the pictures hardly purvey the beauty of the underwater world I found myself immersed in. I saw anemones, limpits,  triplefin fish, wrasse, cod, spotties and crayfish. I even wandered upon a octopus and a few sea cucumbers in the deeper ocean floor. I took my time going around the trail savoring the time and enjoying the sights until I was just too cold to continue. I stayed in the water for about an hour – a lovely hour immersed in the underwater world of Island Bay.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And a couple of videos:

After I was finished exploring the lovely water, I dried off and warmed up (my toes might have been a little blue) by sitting in the sun for a bit and enjoying my lunch on the beach, I went in search of a cafe with WiFi and a warm coffee. I found a lovely cafe, Floyds, with the most friendly and accommodating staff, and I enjoyed my coffee and a savory cheese muffin while I wrote and attempted to get caught up with my blog.

My flat white from Floyd’s

Joanna picked me up by the cafe on her way home so I didn’t have to spring for bus fare back to the city, and I enjoyed a restful evening at home.

And with that my friends, I am all caught up – well until tonight! 🙂


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