Day 20 ~ Amsterdam 

EDIT- Pictures added!

Today marked my last day in Amsterdam, but I wanted to enjoy the lovely weather this morning, so I started by renting a kayak at my hostel and exporting the water and the area nearby. I was afraid my camera or phone would take a swim, so I have no pictures of this lovely peaceful time, but trust me – it was gorgeous and a wonderful morning. I came back to my caravan to repack my luggage, get ready and check out. While I waited on the shuttle, I caught up on my blog posts from the past 2 days, then I boarded the shuttle ready to explore Amsterdam one last time. While I was hanging out at the hostel lobby, I did make an observation about the map of visitors. I think it tells an interesting tale. Anyone else spot what I spotted? IMG_2949 To me, this map of visitors to the hostel says quite a lot about wealth distribution, and who can afford to travel. It was a telling, interesting observation.

I arrived at Central Station and dropped my luggage off in the lockers, then I set off with another walking tour on my phone and just explored.   After I ate, and before I headed back to the train station I had a stop to make – at the Apple Store in Amsterdam – which I know has you all laughing, but my iPhone cord was malfunctioning, and this was a convenient stop. I boarded the tram to Central – (I didn’t want to risk running late for my train) and now I am sitting in Starbucks at Centraal Station, updating my blog by phone. 🙂 Tonight I will sleep in 3 countries, as I journey from Amsterdam to Zurich on a night train to have a little bit of an Alpine adventure. 🙂


Author: Merry

I am a teacher, techie, avid traveler and explorer.

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  1. I am glad that you visited my fatherland. Did you happen to see the plaque that said, ”Kees was born here?” We are enjoying your travel reporting. Switzerland next – – – you may never want to leave it ! Happy traveling. Kees


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