Ethics Proposal Submission Celebration

I spent most of this lovely Tuesday inside, working, planning and submitting my ethics proposal for final review (now I just wait for the committee to meet and sendme changes). I started some serious scheduling of school visits, researching and reading and just general project housekeeping. I also had the opportunity to Skype with Mary Green’s Leadership class at KSU, and teach a class to MAT students at Reinhardt University

After a productive day that lasted until dinner time, I enjoyed dinner with the Ludbrooks, then decided that it was a lovely night for a stroll and relaxing on a rooftop bar I had passed a few times, (across the street from the church I have been visiting). The views from the rooftop were great, and I enjoyed the sunset as I sipped my old fashioned.

On my way back home I was reminded a bit of the universality of the university experience, as it is orientation week here in Wellington and what do I run into on the street, but toga-clad university students. Even over 8,000 miles away – some things do  not change!


Author: Merry

I am a teacher, techie, avid traveler and explorer.

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