Strolling through the Botanical Gardens, the Cable Car and more

So, Monday was a pretty gross (rainy and windy) day. I decided to use the dreary day to do work on my Ethics proposal and do housework, pay bills and other inside things. I even got caught up on my blog, which you wouldn’t know from the tardiness of this post, but never the less, here we are.

On Tuesday (Feb. 14), apparently summer arrived in Wellington – in a gorgeous and fabulous fashion. I got myself up at a fairly early hour – got dressed, and made myself write for the first part of the day – I finished the first pass on my ethics proposal and got some stuff together for when I do finally get to visit schools and interview teachers. After I had completed a fair amount of work I set out on an adventure to enjoy the beautiful day. I decided it was definitely time to check out the famous Wellington Cable Car. Because I was savoring the weather, I just strolled the 45 minutes or so to the Cable Car station instead of catching the bus first.

The Cable Car is really cool – and some other day I am going to go to the Cable Car Museum to learn more about it.

After getting to the top of the Cable Car (at Kelburn – near Victoria U). I thought I would continue to savour the outdoors and walk along the Kowhai Walk – a short walk that “traces the development of astronomy and related sciences in New Zealand” – right up my alley, for sure. The Kowhai trail loops past the Space Place and Carter Observatory – where I do plan to spend some quality time, alas, today it was closed for a special Valentine’s Day event. The trail was easy and quick (even with me reading and checking out all sorts of little details), but certainly afforded me some quality views of Wellington Harbor. (I apologize for the duplicate pictures – my phone was being a pain during the upload process)

After I finished the Kowhai path, I decided I would take on the Wellington Botanic Garden, and I strolled along the path from the Cable Car to the Beehive, NZ’s Parliament building. It was a beautiful walk – and I cant wait to go back and do teh sculpture garden trail. The Rise Garden was amazing, and I could have sat there for hours enjoying the sight and smell.

As you get to the end of the botanical garden you go through a cemetery, the Bolton Street Cemetery, which is now unfortunately bisected by the Motorway.

It was a lovely stroll through here as well, and I found myself back on Lambton Quay just a bit further down from where I began my journey on the cable car.

At this point I decided to catch the bus back to Central Park and take the shorter path home.



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