Day 16 – Exploring Oldenburg

Today Julia and I set out to explore Oldenburg, and attempted to stay as cool as possible while doing so – museums and other indoor things were not really an option – because – well, no air conditioning, and this has been quite a heat wave here in Northern Germany!

We explored around the center of Oldenburg, and went into a few of the churches, as well as explored the Shloss Gardens – and I had a wonderful time taking pictures of birds, insects and flowers. We walked around for about four hours, then came back to the house as it was starting to get just too hot to enjoy.

I enjoyed seeing the history of Oldenburg, and going into the “Brain Stores” with cool games and puzzles and such, as well as the stroll through the beautiful (and thankfully shaded) gardens.

Heinz couldn’t believe we stayed out as long as we did – he has been shocked at how hot it has been here this week – he has “rarely seen weather this warm”.


Author: Merry

I am a teacher, techie, avid traveler and explorer.

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