Day 12 ~ Train to Munich, Dachau and Exploring Munich

Day 12 was a very different kind of good. The scenery on the train through Austria was lovely, and has solidified why I do love train travel:

The view was gorgeous, and neither this video, or these pictures really do it justice.

Following my train ride, I deposited my bags and began my emotional journey to Dachau.

The emotions of this visit were expected, but even more intense than I thought – the cruelty, horrid conditions and pain that these people experienced were made very real in the 4 hours I was there. The images in the video, mostly taken by the US forces that freed the camp will stay with me forever. Images of bodies piled on train cars, emaciated people in the barracks, and the haunting faces of the survivors. I did purchase the audio guide, and that added to the experience, because it featured the survivors, liberators and others giving first hand accounts of their experiences. While a very emotional experience, I am so thankful that the survivors of Dachau pushed for the creation of this memorial site. Dachau was the 1st concentration camp, and was where many cruel experiments (in the name of medicine) were performed on the victims. The pictures below are of structures, memorials and areas of the camp. I purposely did not photograph any of the stirring images in the memorial, as those are truly haunting, and I didn’t feel photographing them was appropriate.

If you are ever given the opportunity, I highly recommend a visit, because even though it is difficult I think it is important to understand.

After Dachau, I was emotionally spent.

I decided a visit to a Biergarten was in order. on the recommendation of Jackalie and Andy I went to the Lowenbrau, and I was not disappointed. It was fabulous, and then I went to explore Munich a bit more before I caught my over night train to Berlin. Munich was beautiful.

Also on my explorations, I found a banner that said Willis, so that was pretty cool:

Day 12 was a success, and it was time to board the Sleeper Train to Berlin.

The train was fine, and I had a very nice roommate from outside of Munich who was traveling to Berlin on business, but we didn’t talk much, as we both went to sleep rather quickly upon boarding the train. The train ride was fine, there was a lot of movement, and some loud talkers in the compartment next door, so my sleep wasn’t the best, but it was certainly better than the night bus! 🙂

I am now in Berlin, typing this at my Hostel lobby waiting for things to open to start my tour of Berlin.

Berlin is sure to be an interesting experience! 🙂


Author: Merry

I am a teacher, techie, avid traveler and explorer.

2 thoughts on “Day 12 ~ Train to Munich, Dachau and Exploring Munich”

  1. Merry, what a trip of a lifetime! I agree about going even though it is difficult. What a horrific part of our history. If I get there I will visit as well in order to bear witness. Safe travels.


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