More Vienna ~ Day 9

Better late than never – on Day 9 I had more fun in Vienna.

My day started with heading to the Museum Quarter to explore some of the statues and buildings. While I was there, I got some great pictures of scenery, and did some great people watching. The most entertaining were these street performers – I will just leave this here for your enjoyment.

It was pretty funny!

I did enjoy the other scenery and parts of town. Here are some images from my exploration.

After that, I decided to go to the Museum of Technology in Vienna, or the Technisches Museum Wien. It was so informative – I loved the displays of transportation, technology and innovations, but the most cool room was a hidden, climate controlled room that featured some pretty spectacular musical instruments – It was fantastic – from the organs to the rare string instruments and the different typed of pianos. I really loved the recordings they had of famous musicians playing the instruments featured – I felt like I had stepped back to those historic places as I listened.

I spent hours here exploring, and really only scratched the surface.

After exploring the museum, I headed back to Andy and Jackalie’s flat to start on our next adventure. On my tour yesterday, I had discovered that Vienna was home to the worlds oldest ferris wheel, and as you will see in a moment, a very unique ferris wheel with very different, but cool ferris wheel cars. It is called Das Wiener Riesenrad. When I realized they were open late, we decided to go this evening and check it out. The views were STUNNING, and the entire experience of the Prater (or amusement park area) was a ton of fun! Andy had fun with the bumper cars and Jackalie and I certainly had our share of entertainment looking at the park rides and sharing why that in no way looked like fun to us! They were certainly not the safest of rides – think 1960’s carnival rides. It was a delightful way to spend an evening strolling through a historic part of Vienna.

After all of our strolling and people watching, we realized that we should probably grab some dinner, but finding somewhere open at that time of night proved to be a bit difficult. We found a great little restaurant in the Stefenplatz area, and had a very enjoyable meal.


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