London ~ Day 6

My last day in London. There were many things I wanted to see, that I didn’t get a chance to do (my plans may have been a bit ambitious). What I didn’t get to do, this trip, that will certainly happen on a later trip – because I will be coming back, are:

  • Visiting Greenwich, the observatory and standing on the Prime Meredian.
  • Visiting the Museum of Natural History.
  • A few other Museums (V&A, Tate, British Museum)
  • Touring the Tower of London
  • Going to the top of Tower Bridge

Even without doing those things, this trip to London has been fabulous, and I think a great success!


Because I knew it was important to get at least one good night’s sleep before I had to sleep on a bus tonight, I let myself sleep in. One of my Australian roommates at the Wombats hostel and I had made plans to go to the Science Museum together, but we both agreed that we wouldn’t leave until check out time (10:00AM), then we would take our luggage to the held luggage station at Victoria, then we would head to the museum. It took some finagling, and I learned some important lessons bout re packing my bag, but I did eventually get everything repacked in the same luggage! We started the journey with out luggage to the station, dealt with some rerouting issues on the tube, and then we headed to the Science Museum.

Science Museum

I know that everyone is SHOCKED! that I went to a science museum, but it certainly made my geeky, STEM teacher and technology geek heart happy. The exhibits were awesome! The history of computers, history of math, transportation, innovations that have changed the world and artifacts were just fabulous.


When I decided that I would be stopping in London, I knew high tea would have to be on the agenda, and after doing some research I decided to splurge on High Tea at Claridges. It may very well be the most expensive meal I have in Europe, but WOW, it was so good! 🙂 the building is absolutely gorgeous, and quite unique. I enjoyed the , and it was a great way to end my London Experience.

Validating Eurail Pass – a stroll through London 

I knew I was going to be tight making my train in the morning, I decided to go ahead and get my rail pass activated to make my transfer easier, so I walked from Mayfair at Claridges to the Eurail Aide office on Piccadilly. It was a neat walk through a very ritzy shopping district – Rolex, Coach, Tiffany’s – you name a fancy retailer, and I passed it. The buildings were lovely, and everyone of the jewelry stores had a guard outside. It was a very pretty stroll, and much needed after the excessive amounts of fabulous food at Claridges. I validated my railpass with no problem, then I caught a bus to Victoria to begin to bid London goodbye.

Housekeeping (Oyster Card and £ use)

Once I got to Victoria, I decided to go ahead and trade in my Oyster Card (they will refund the balance as well as the deposit you pay to get the card). I decided it was best to turn in, and just get a new one when I’m back. It worked out nicely, because I ended up with a refund of £10.00 put on my debit card. I had planned my cash use pretty well, but I still had about £15 in notes, and about £5 in coins. I decided to go to M & S in the station and buy snacks for the bus and train ride. (No cheese though – can’t export that!). I kept the coins, in case I needed to use the bathroom in the station, because no £, no entry – And, that, my friends could be bad.

Bus Travel

I had booked with It is the budget of budget travels – so my expectations were low, but we loaded quickly, and I was pleasantly surprised at the comfort of the seat. I was hopeful I would end up with a seat section to myself, but I ended up with “drunk boy” next to me. In the time it took us to get from London to Dover to catch the ferry – I am certain he drank a 6 pack of Budweiser (seriously – I’m in Europe – and he is chugging Budweiser?!?) in that time. We are about to get on the ferry – so I’m going to stretch my legs, get some fresh air and pray he decides to sleep (or maybe get a new seat?). In the morning I will be in Brussles and catching the trains to Vienna to see Jackalie & Andy!  Can’t wait. I have pictures to share of the tea, the Science Museum and more, but I am writing this on the bus, which has wifi – but it is too slow to upload pictures, so they will be a fun treat for you all later. 🙂 Off to the ferry!


Author: Merry

I am a teacher, techie, avid traveler and explorer.

One thought on “London ~ Day 6”

  1. So glad you will be meeting up w/friends soon. Tim n Angel came by today. It was so good to see them. You n bim both r adults that anyone would be proud of. Especially your Grandpárents!! What is #minifigMerry,? Your traveling comp
    anion? I LOVE YOU lots Have a wonderful time n stay safe.


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