Brave? 20 days, 20 hours and 35 minutes. . .

Slide1Inevitably, when I people have found out about my travel plans they have immediately asked “who are you going with?”

When I say no one, it is almost predictably followed with “are you going on a tour” or “who has planned it” – When my answer to those questions is no, and myself – the reactions have an interesting range. Amazingly, these reactions are not predictable in any way. People I would have expected to be absolutely shocked that I would even entertain an idea like this have been excited for me and very positive, folks I would not have expected to be phased by the idea of me traveling alone have been almost comically shocked. Others are a bit terrified by the idea, but all have been excited for me to have the experience, I think.  The reaction I get most often, however, is that I am very “brave” to be doing this. . . and honestly, that is the reaction that I haven’t known what to do with.

Crazy – certainly, insane – a bit, wild – of course, adventurous – maybe a little, stubborn – YES, independent – obviously you have met me, geeky – yes, smart – most of the time, and so on. . . but BRAVE? I’m just not making that leap. To me, brave has a different meaning. . .

In my book, bravery is risking it all to save others – or to make the world a better place – – no matter what the cost to yourself  may be – people like Harriet Tubman, Irena Sendler, Desmond Doss, Nelson Mandela, MLK and Aung San Suu Kyi –  and this list can go on – while these are extreme cases of bravery – there are millions of less- well-known examples that happen everyday- the soldier who enlists, the child who stands up for a friend being bullied, the employee who risks his job to do what is right. . . but, honestly – Bravery is not hopping on an airplane to go on a dream vacation.

I agree with Confused Julia – for me traveling alone isn’t brave, it is just common sense. This is the right time for me to take this trip – and solo is the way that it makes the most sense.
I am not brave – I am independent, stubborn, bold, and a little adventurous – and hopefully – when it all comes down to it, I will be smart and have a great time on this adventure. 🙂


Author: Merry

I am a teacher, techie, avid traveler and explorer.

2 thoughts on “Brave? 20 days, 20 hours and 35 minutes. . .”

  1. You’ve got this! And honestly traveling alone is a profoundly moving experience (not that I have gone anywhere fabulous but…) and you deserve this experience.

    It is “brave” … You are going alone into what is unknown territory for you. It is the first day of Kindergarten/middle school/high school/college type of bravery. It is opening night bravery.

    Just cuz it doesn’t scare you doesn’t mean it wouldn’t scare the bejesus out of some folks.

    You are brave. Maybe you don’t see it but you are. There are at least a dozen examples that I can list where you have had courage that others lack. Most of those examples involved you being so wrapped up in the experience that fear never crossed your mind… Because art, technology and wisdom easily become your focus and all else fades from view.


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